Vinyl Help Page

The following fabrics are available through our online Banner Shop. We also have many other materials available which are not listed here. If you don't see what you're looking for, please call or e-mail us. Chances are we have what you need.

10 Ounce

Our 10 Ounce vinyl series is a light-weight, affordable vinyl perfect for indoor and temporary displays with vinyl applications.

13 Ounce

Our 13 Ounce series is our post popular vinyl fabric, heavy duty for longer outdoor use.

16 Ounce B0

The 16 Ounce BO (blockout) materials are typically used for double-sided banners. The inner layer is opaque and prevents light from shining through and creating unwanted shadows.

18 Ounce TX

Our 18 Ounce TX is a heavy duty vinyl, made to withstand long periods of outdoor use. (Not recommended for vinyl lettering. See 18 Ounce VRP below)


Our 18 ounce VRP is a very heavy duty fabric, ideal for longterm use with pressure sensitive vinyl applications.