On Time Or It's Free, Guaranteed
Terms & Conditions
What is the guarantee?
Our guarantee is as simple as it sounds: If your order does not arrive on the delivery date you selected, your order is FREE! You will receive a full refund of all expenses, including shipping costs, and you get to keep the merchandise.

How do I qualify?
Qualifying for our Guarantee is easy! Just follow these steps:
  1. Select one of our guaranteed delivery dates from your shopping cart. Note that not all of our shipping options are guaranteed; if you select Free, Saver, or Standard Shipping, there is no guaranteed delivery date. Dates shown for these services are approximations only.
  2. Ship the item(s) to an address within the United States (including Alaska, Hawaii, but not P.O. boxes or APO/FPO addresses).
  3. Pay for the item(s) in advance or charge to your existing account. Unpaid orders will not be eligible for guaranteed delivery service.
What are my responsibilities?
In order for us to get your merchandise to you on time, there are certain things we need you to do. Failure to fulfill your end of the bargain could void your guarantee.
  1. When submitting your own art files for custom printed products, we have to have the files promptly to meet the guaranteed deadlines. Failure to get us your files, submitting incorrect file formats, or submitting corrupted, unopenable files could void your guarantee. Please adhere to these time requirements strictly to ensure you receive your items as promised:
       - Next Day Delivery: files must be submitted and received by us before 11:00am Mountain Time (1:00pm Eastern)
       - All other delivery dates: files must be submitted and received by us within 4 business hours of placing your order.
  2. When proofs must be approved, you need to respond promptly. We will send proofs as soon as possible and your approval should be received within 1 business hour.
  3. When deadlines are tight, communication is important. If we have questions or need to speak with you for any reason, we have to be able to get in touch with you. Please provide two contact phone numbers where you can be easily reached. If we are unable to contact you, your guarantee may become void.
  4. Any other problems or delays that arise due to the actions of the customer could void the guarantee. Such actions would include submitting new files, requesting changes to files, sending corrupt files, failure to communicate, delayed responses to phone calls or emails, delays in approving proofs, requesting physical proofs, delayed payment, order changes, delivery address changes, etc.
The Fine Print
Along with your responsibilities listed above, the following terms and conditions apply. Please read them to avoid questions or problems later.
  • We reserve the right to cancel or refuse a guaranteed delivery request for any reason. Typically this would only happen if the request is unreasonable or unrealistic. For example, we would not be able to print and deliver 10,000 banners in one day. Our guarantee is subject to production capacity and inventory limitations. If we are unable to honor any guaranteed delivery request, we will contact you as soon as possible (typically within 1 business hour) to advise you of the problem. At that point we will give you the option to negotiate a new delivery date or simply cancel your order for a full refund. If we are unable to reach you by phone or email, the guarantee will become void as explained above.
  • Our guarantee does not apply in the event of service interruptions or failures caused by events beyond SugarHouseBanners.com's control, including merchandise mishandled, misdirected or lost by the shipping carrier (normally UPS). If we ship your item(s) on time using the correct shipping method, we consider our end of the agreement fulfilled. If the shipping carrier is at fault, you may be eligible for a refund of associated shipping fees.
  • Guaranteed delivery prices include the cost of shipping & handling plus rush fees for expediting production. The UPS method used to ship your order will vary depending on how quickly we are able to get the items ready to ship and your proximity to our facility. Accordingly, some guaranteed shipments may be sent Next Day Air while others will be sent standard Ground UPS. Regardless of how your order is shipped, it is still guaranteed to arrive on or before the delivery date you selected.
  • Because physical proofs add extra days to production times, requesting a physical proof may delay your guaranteed delivery date or result in a price increase to still meet your original deadline. Guaranteed shipping prices are calculated at the time the order is placed, not from when the proof is approved. We will contact you as soon as possible if there is ever a problem with your proof request.
  • Proof of delivery will be determined by the shipping carrier's package tracking system. Delivery drivers often leave packages with someone else in an office building or on a doorstep. If the electronic tracking information shows a delivery occured, we consider our end of the agreement fulfilled, whether the package was signed for or not.
  • Canceling items, combining orders, or changing your shipping address or shipping options after you place the order might affect your eligibility for guaranteed delivery.
  • SugarHouseBanners.com reserves the right to change or discontinue guaranteed delivery at its discretion.